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Forget that other one.

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I found the most unwanted song whilst surfing YouTube.

And it occured to me that I can do weirder stuff.

So I am starting one of my weirdest projects ever. It is called "Wisteria Worms." With my eye hurting, I composed the first of what I expect to be many more odd minutes of music. Like if John Cage took LSD. I eventually recorded the first minute, with this in mind:


"1. beautiful man voice says "The Ballad of Earl." Then he starts singing "lumps in my oatmeal," unaware that his voice is transforming into Bert from "Sesame Street" under a nice 5/4 piano tune."


The hardest part was composing the tune in 5/4 and make it "nice", but I did somehow. But it only took 40 seconds. What to do? Repeat the last two notes twice, stretch the last two notes of that out for about 20 seconds.

Since I am not a beautiful man, but my Bert impression is IMO better than an opera man impression, I started singing, and lo and behold, my creation is taking shape. And that is what I will continue to work on whenever I find myself bored.

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