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The return of Craig.

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Since my copy of Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland for the Virtual Boy came in the mail yesterday, I decided to work on Craig the Cranberry some more.


Since the graphics for the title screen and level 1 were about the same, I decided to try to make the level 1 graphics displaying code match the title screen. This took a couple of hours, but I finally got success. I also added a mountainy background since there was room in the level 1 graphics left. The mountains scroll at a slower rate than the clouds and background, which I'm hoping will get a paralax effect. I've yet to try this latest version on a real Virtual Boy. In the end, I cut out level 1's graphics since they are the same as the title screen, freeing up room that I didn't necessarily need to free up anyway.


Before I did all this though, I will tell the story of spaghetti as a public service announcement. Don't get Stouffer's. So I was eating some spaghetti that I microwaved up when I choked on it. The meatballs appeared to be rubber-like, and so when I swallowed some, I choked on them, like one of my usual choking fits where I can breathe and talk, but am unable to swallow. A few minutes went by forcing me to vomit up something I was expecting. But in the end, I finally got my esophagus or whatever unclogged and was able to drink water again. Luckily I only have one box left. I learned my lesson: Stick to Lean Cuisine. Their meatballs are much better and I can swallow them.

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