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I never promised you a Rows Garden

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The thing I have been working on I did just for fun and waiting to die has been completed. It is called a "Rows Garden." It is like a crossword puzzle, only different. I know probably zero people here would be interested, but I finally did it, and you can download it here. There are instructions on the site to solve it as well in case you are interested in it. This style of word puzzle was invented by Patrick Berry (fitting name) in the 1990s. And yes, it is a pun on "rose garden." It has flowers (called "Blooms") and rows (lettered A-L). I used the online dictionary OneLook to do this because of their wonderful feature where you can type in ? in a word and it will give you a list of words with any letter replacing the ? (so typing in "e?????e" would give you "example," and also a whole bunch of other words!)


I like words and wordplay. And English is the perfect language for it as well, with a whole bunch of idoms and axioms, puns and similes.

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