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I have been working on Upmonster for the Odyssey 2 a lot today. Here is a screenshot of the most current version:


I noticed some things when I returned to working on this. First, the platforms seemed to be all grouped together and not going to the left very much. So I spread the pit out wider. Yes, the upmonster can jump from one edge of the pit to the other if he needs to. I also made it (IMO) easier to control by lessening the amount the upmonster moves when it's moving.


I also put in my new intro in it. It works well. Too bad I can't put it in ZipZap. I tried again and it just didn't like it. So I gave up. Version 24, an older version (and by older, I mean earlier today), is on the Odyssey 2 part of the forum.


I fell asleep shortly after writing the blog entry I wrote at 1 a.m. and didn't wake up until about 1 p.m. I was just laying on my bed because I was sleepy, but not expecting to sleep, but I did anyway. But sleeping for 12 hours, I didn't think I was that sleepy.

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