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So I dug out the 32X and finally found the correct cable needed for the Genesis-to-32X. I found the games I had. Awhile back, I sold most of the games I had for it because I didn't play it as much. I learned my lesson: NEVER SELL ANYTHING. I found my Sega Master System. All this after trying to find my Gamecube controller so I could plug it in and play Mario Kart Wii on the Wii I found while trying to find the 32X cord. So now I want some more games because all I have are crappy sports titles nobody wanted when I sold my other 32X games.


Cruising eBay. I was shocked to find out my 32X console is >$200. I found my SMS Everdrive and played some Bloki. Tested the 32X games I had. Then I played Sonic 3D Blast. I got to level 2 before calling it quits because my foot fell asleep and the game got too hard. All this because I was attempting to clean my room.


The past few days have been spent sleeping or working on my Upmonster game. Nothing much else. (Well, of course I ate and went to the bathroom and drank some water, but not much else.) It was good to find out my Wii controller with parts of corroded battery still worked.

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