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Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland 3 (Game Gear)

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I am beginning a new project for the Sega Game Gear. I figured it was time to brush up on my Game Gear coding skills (however many there were to begin with.) Plus, I found my Game Gear everdrive so I now have that to help me. I had put it somewhere where I thought I knew where it was going to be but then I forgot. It was with my Micro Machines collection, waiting there at the bottom of the bin waiting to be discovered.


So anyway, I copied some code from the second one to get me started. I am trying not to copy very much this time. I have a new idea on how to do collision detection that I want to attempt to do. The next thing on my to-do list for this game though is to create new title screen music for it. I used the one from HERTS2 as a test. I am also trying to keep things in order. In HERTS2, the code for level data was all over the place. In bank 1 was the code for level 4, for example.


It also took me a while to figure out how to make the title screen. But I did eventually, and here is a picture of it.


I am kind of tired of the same old milkshakes, so I am going to add in the pizza and taco enemies from the NES version. This time, though, it will be the taco that shoots out nachos (fitting), and the pizza will shoot out pepperoni slices. The challenge here will be to design the burger, milkshake, pizza and taco using only 16 colors. The Game Gear sprites only allow for 16 colors to choose from in a palette. I should also note that if you're going to make a game about hamburgers, it's best not to be hungry when doing so.

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