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pausing the game

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I wanted to put the word "pause" on the screen when a player pauses the game. I noticed that putting it onto the screen made the sprites move one more pixel before stopping even when the game was paused. So I decided not to do that. I figured having the music stop would be a good indicator of whether the game was paused or not. So I put that in instead.


Emulicious got a brand new update that made my computer crash with a "Thread stuck in device driver" message whenever I tried to bring up any debugging feature, like the sprite viewer. I told them, but apparently it's my computer's fault and there's nothing they could do about it. So now I can't debug my game. Hopefully it won't need any debugging, and if so, I'll search for another Game Gear emulator.


I am thinking ahead to the boss level, where I am going to redo the collision detection there as well. But first I need to think up of a background for the place. And get it scrolling like in the other games.

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