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Uno+ for the TI-99/4a

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Here is the Uno+ TI-99/4a Extended BASIC version of the Atari Microsoft BASIC Uno+ that was an updated Uno that had been ported from the original TI-99/4a in that had been created using the KXBII Extended BASIC programing package. Got that.

Anyway, here is the game and a fun one it is. It has color, it has sound, it has speech, it plays a fairly fast game and includes several of the variations of Uno. You can also save your games parameters to disk so that you wont have to type them in each time.






To Play:
the bottom 4 lines are the letters for your cards marked by color; red, yellow, green and blue. last line is Spl which is the change color cards with C (change color) or F(play draw 4 change color).
the types of cards beside the colors are 0-9 D=draw 2, S=skip and R=reverse. under Spl are C=change color and F=draw 4.
when the human plays you choose SORT, PLAY and TAKE. SORT just sorts your cards. TAKE will take a card from the pile. PLAY will play 1 of your cards.
in Play you type the card you want to play by following the prompts.
the game plays a standard game of Uno except;
Uno call is automatic and has 1 in 12 chance of 'forgetting to call a Uno penalty which is also automatic.


The original version was the simple standard rules of the game. But the real fun of Uno is the various versions of the game that one can play. So I went back to program and added several of the additional game versions to spice up the game, and a little sound and speech too.

There are six new versions of game play:

2S as pick 2? - this version has the 2 card as aTAKE 2 for ALL players. Play a 2 and all the other players will have to take 2 cards.

7S swap cards? - Play a 7 and you can swap your cards with any other player.

Take till play? - when you have to take a card you must KEEP taking cards until you get to one that is playable.

DRAW4 only? - you can't play a DRAW4 until it's the only card playable.

Good Take must play? - When you TAKE a card, if that card is playable, you must play it. NOTE: If TAKE card is playable you get a beep then the game rolls you back to the SORT, PLAY, TAKE screen.


The other 3 computer players play a very good game. I programed in that sometimes they will mess up, but not often. I found I win about 1 in 4 or 5 games, which is a good average.

The game disk auto-boots a loader program which in turn boots the Uno+ game.

Anyway, enjoy the game.


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