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Othello in 256c compiled XB

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What we have here is my 1st attempt at using Harry's XB compiler. All I can say is, WOW! that's fast.

The game is an Othello game I typed in from some? book and summited to the TI99IUG waaaay back when we used to type in such things from dead tree sources. It was originally in good ole' TI BASIC. The game was painfully slow, really slow, I mean, get a cup of coffee, drink it, piss it out and maybe the computer would have made a play slow. I later, much later like, 2018 later, rewrote it and tightened it up in XB. Now you could just go get a cup of coffee and a sip before the computer made a play. Still slow.

That made it a perfect candidate for compiling. What I expected was a moodiest speed increase, make it playable increase. Instead what I got was a, blink and you missed the computer play, fast. Wow! This compiler makes so really fast code!

If you follow Harry's documentation and play within the limits the compile is stupid easy. My 1st compile returned no errors and played the 1st time.

The game is a simple version of Othello. Graphics are fair to good and the play, as stated, is fast. There are 3 levels of play and I can tell you Level 3 is very hard to beat. You can specify Computer or Human start 1st. Nothing more except did I mention it was FAST !

The download file contains the self boot game on .DSK and the official rules for Othello.

Enjoy, HLO


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