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Re-Loaded Zool Game Being Released on Steam!!





Found out through my local Amiga User Group that Zool is being re-released on the Steam platform.  Apparently this game has 28 levels?   Looks like it could be a mix of the original Zool and all the variant levels that were found on the various platforms (SNES, Genesis, Gameboy, Amiga, ST, etc) back in the day?   Hard to tell.  But good to see the Alien Ninja in the Nth Dimension making a re-appearance.  Why?


Well, first, here is the article..




So the reason I think this great is that it shows Gremlin is willing to do something with their property of Zool.   In the past ten years Zool nearly got a continuation with Zool 3D but that was not worthy of the Zool name, and Gremlin took the license back, and that game became the inferior "Ninjabread Man".   A cute game, but not worth Zool.


Gremlin would next work with a college group, Steel Minions, on the game "Zool Planets" which had a beginning level and various concept art completed showing an older Zool with a beard.   I think the game had a lot of promise and I would still like to see this game on another occasion.


There have been fun unofficial demos made, so the love for Zool is out there.   And honestly, I hope at some point Zool will get a game like this demo, like Zool Planets, or maybe even better.


I remember when Bubsy Bobcat had the first and second Bubsy games released for Steam.  Was a simple beginning.   Over time Woolies Strike Back and Paws on Fire were released in the years that followed that were new games for that franchise. 


And I hope the same can be true to Zool.   Popping a chupa chups lolly pop in my mouth while crossing my fingers on that one!


Anyway, always good to see a mascot that graced the Atari Jaguar still running around in 2021!


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