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Jack and the beanstalk - the giant's room

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I took a few hours to program the boulders in. Then I played it and something didn't seem right about it. It wasn't really all that much fun to me. So I thought of ways I could improve the game. I decided to make the giant's room be 7 screens high instead of just one. When you get to the top of one screen, you start at the bottom of the screen again. And repeat. Here are some of the features I programmed in.


  • The boulders don't start going until after you don't touch the ladder. This is making the game fair because...
  • The boulders don't care which y position you're at, they start moving from left to right or left to right regardless. This is a departure from Donkey Kong.
  • When you start a new screen, the floor's color changes.


But something doesn't seem that much fun to me. I don't know what it could be that is missing from it. Or it could be that I think Donkey Kong isn't that much fun. The giant's screen right now is only 746 bytes, so I have plenty of room to make changes (I have 2,048 bytes in each bank.) Here is a picture of the game when you first start it.


I discovered Jack flashed once he got to the top of screen 7 and moved around up there on a real Odyssey 2. So I need to make some code to prevent the player from moving when he's up there. The floor is blue. When you get to the top of this screen, the floors turn green and Jack starts out at the bottom of the screen again. I thought I could make the boulders gray like the ladders here, but I can't (Well, I COULD, but they are as black as the background). So I made them red.

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