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Jack and the beanstalk - Jack's walk

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So I figured if more people were interested in my Jack and the Beanstalk game than they were in my Burgers game that I should work on Jack some more. This time I think I discovered the problem I was having. And it has to do with the animation. Although there are some things I don't understand. But the gist of it is this: If Jack is walking and he hits the wall and the way the sprite is designed changes, then obviously Jack is going to get caught in the wall if the new frame of Jack is displaying differently and a pixel or more of the new one hit the wall if it/they didn't before. So my job was to create frames for a Jack animation for the castle that wasn't radically different. This is what I came up with:


As you can see, the only thing moving is above Jack's soles of his feet so he doesn't get caught in the wall below him. I changed the way the sprite is defined. Obviously I'd need Jack's body to appear, but I wanted the pajamas to appear also. Since sprite 0 overlaps sprite 1, I had to change it so sprite 0 is the pajamas and sprite 1 is Jack. And I went through the castle three times in O2EM and didn't get stuck once. I'm not really all that happy with the way this turned out, but if it works it works and I have to do it this way because it seems nobody knowledgable in Odyssey² programming wants to help me.


I tried to fit in more stuff for Jack's walk, but I couldn't because apparently the bank was full. So now I have to work on the ending, which is in bank 2. I have about 300 bytes left in that bank.

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