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Cruizin' Twitter/YouTube - Woolies Strikes Back Trivia - July 2021

Evening Bubsy fans, as said before, crazy year so got some missing months to fill.  


Later when people read back on this blog the blog will knock the entries out of order anyway, so how about a July entry?


Well, I say July because that was when Poké-Brother /@YukkuriFan64 posted a cool tid bit about Woolies Strike Back *, and a carry over from the Giana Sisters game that Black Forest games also did. 




Never realized that the bee was so goofy and happy looking.   Like many, I hope that more behind the scenes information will surface about Woolies Strikes Back. 


Oh wait, something did!



On YouTube in one of the playthrough videos that this blog created in the comments was an awesome visitor:




And that takes us to this video:



Wow that is amazing, thanks for sharing that Rapture Music!   For more of his music check out his channel.   You'll be greeted, as I write this, by a fun Inspector Gadget theme that was used for the Playstation game.


Until we see you again, keep it up, just keep it up!



* Tid bit found by Xinny of the Bubsy Officious Bubsy Fan Group.




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