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Six² - new Odyssey game



Six² is a new Magnavox Odyssey game I made a few years ago and then sat on it. It is for one or two players. Basically, the game is like Monopoly, which I thought should have been an Odyssey game given its use of extra stuff to use. You can't have a true Odyssey game without stuff to play it with. I am talking about the original Magnavox Odyssey, not the Odyssey 2. Which is confusing since the game's title has a superscript two in it. The last thing I need to do is make the overlays done. I will do this next week.


The reason why I brought this up was because someone posted an Odyssey game they made, and I wanted to share mine. I am wondering how many people are interested in a game like this. Here are the specifics: A player rolls one blue dice and one red dice, which corresponds to a space on a grid. The object of the game is to move the square to the grid on the overlay without touching the other player's square. At the end, if both players' white squares are still on the screen, the person who has claimed the most squares wins. In the probably will never happen, but still might, if both players have 18 squares, then a tie is declared and both the players must turn their underwear inside out and dance the robot for 73 seconds. I don't know.


I am thinking of getting tubes to mail these in (because of the dice). The price I am thinking of is $6. This is due to all the stuff you get:

  • overlays
  • instruction sheet
  • 2 dice
  • ownership squares (like Monopoly deeds)


10 of these sets (sans overlays) have been sitting in a desk drawer for a few years. The question is: do I need more? Or is 10 enough?

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Only just noticed this but I would be up for a copy too, I don't mind paying the extra postage to the United Kingdom. I think with odyssey, 10 is fine to start and you can always do another run.

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