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Cruizin' Reddit - Bubsy mentions - October 2021



I was doing something I hadn't gotten to do for months, just look for Bubsy stuff.


Searched ebay, nothing new.   Searched Google, found a few other good hits, and then, I just cruized through Reddit.  Some fun stuff.


Always happy to hear fan music of Bubsy.  Most of the time I've picked up such tracks on Sound Cloud, but lots of treasure on Youtube.  Naturally Reddit just points the way.



Squanchy verses Bubsy... always a fun comparison.  :D   Actually had fun collecting Squanchy items the last few years alongside the Bubsy items.




There was a lot of material that has been reposted by u/BubsyFanboy reposted.   First of many was this...


Wow Bozwell went from bumbling villain to scary villain.  Kinda looses who Bozwell was IMHO.


He also reposted a Disney version of the Busby logo for a Bubsy cartoon series in 2020 (a what if)...



Here is a "Question of Character" for Bubsy that is a lot like a Brawndo commercial like those in "Idiocracy" if you remember that.


Goofy fun.


u/BubsyFanboy and r/the_Bubsy ask Which stage do you consider the most memorable in the Bubsy franchise?


Would be interesting to hear more answers to that one.



Our ole pal SpongeFox makes an appearance...




And other artists..











This is interesting... apparently a repackage of a Paws on Fire in a PS4 pKG form?   This would be interesting to hear more about.



Here is are links by r/BubsyTheodoreBobcat which has some interesting videos, such as a high res video of Super Bubsy, and a two player game of Bubsy 3D.   Some fun Bubsy material and other videos:







Here is an article of Bubsy love...

Posted by 4 months ago

Can we get some appreciation for Bubsy 1 and 2?


I know it's trendy to hate on these games nowadays but I enjoyed the hell out of them as a kid, I can understand why some were dissapointed in the games if you were reading gaming magazines and got subjected to months of hype like Jirard the Completionist was. But I didn't have that problem as I didn't start reading gaming magazines until the 2000s so I never got subjected to any of the Bubsy hype, it and its sequel were just two of several Genesis games I inherited from my cousin so I had no real expectations for the game going in.

But I have to say they both impressed me, they were no Sonic that's for sure but I found them engaging enough that I memorized all the levels pretty much inside and out and knew where all the hidden lives, continues and bonus stages were, i'd always try to get every single Yarn ball and marble I possibly could. At first I died a lot but I got pretty good eventually once I learned I could press both A and B at the same time and make a high jump and glide afterwards and I could make huge leaps to skip over tough parts of a level sometimes.

I quite liked how the levels were designed especially in the first game, the train/canyon levels were my favorite as i'd never seen levels split into two distinct parts like that before and I especially loved exploring the gopher holes, it blew my mind seeing that whole network of tunnels in the 9th level with all the hidden goodies. I found the river levels the most difficult because of the sheer gauntlet of obstacles you have to deal with and having to stay on the raft and react to everything coming your way.

The 2nd game took a bit longer to warm up for me until I learned about the item shop when to best use the nerf gun and the flash-bombs(or whatever they are called) and it took me a while to be able to beat Grand Tour mode but it was worth it, I know the creator of the first game had nothing to do with part 2 and the main designer apparently hated working on it, but I never would've guessed from playing it as it feels like a logical step forward.

I also rather enjoyed the music in the series, particularly the carnival theme in the first game and the final boss theme in part 2(I also have to say I think the Genesis version sounds better than the SNES version)

Anyone else think these games unfairly get a bad rap?



And that is what I found for reddit entries for the last year or two.  There were other comments, polls, and other things past.  Fun seeing what was reposted or even posted for the first time here.




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