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Cruiz'in eBay - Bubsy plush and other items spotted for $1,500 - October 2021



Morning all,


Always love Bubsy plush sightings, and here is another one that just came up...






More about this later, but check it out!  :D


7 pm CST same day....


Well, the plush just sold.  Looks like a best offer got this.  And that is awesome.  The description of the auction was:



The Ultimate Holy Grail of Bubsy The Bobcat Collectibles!
Listing Includes:
  • Bubsy The Bobcat Plushie
  • Mini Cut-Out Bubsy Stand *INTACT & UNUSED*
  • Bubsy Lapel Pin (Premium from CES 1993)
  • Bubsy Coffee Mug
Hello, I am the original owner of this rare collection. Everything you see in this listing is like-new / mint condition. All items have been stored carefully in a temp-controlled home for nearly 40 years. 
These items basically never become available to the retail public so don't miss your chance to be one of a handful of individuals to own this piece of video game history!
If you are lucky enough to become the owner of this collection, I'll let you in on a little secret connected to these items. ;)
Your purchase will be packaged with great care within a sturdy cardboard box and bubble wrap. "
Would love to hear the behind the scenes story if the buyer wants to share that to post here sometime.   But to the buyer we Bubsy fans say congratulations!
Here are the other pictures from that auction, and what is nice, we finally get a good picture of the tag on the plush:
The other pictures...
Also funny point, this Bubsy plush has traveled through time being 40 years old.
1993 was only 28 years ago for the rest of us.   <----     :P
With love from the Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog!
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How come some of Bubsy's other friends didn't get plushies, like the Twins or Arnold? That would've been so cool.

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That would have been cool.  At least an Arnold right?   But as far as I can tell the Bubsy plushes were only made for the developers at Accolade, and made during the Bubsy 1 time frame.  So when the Bubsy plushes were made, Arnold and the other characters were not in use.  And later when Bubsy 2 was being developed, the fame of Bubsy was riding off the fumes of the first game, so no extra marketing money was spent on other plushes.


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