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This is how i do it.

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When I get really really ultra bored (which I am right now), I decide to draw comics. I recently decided that instead of drawing the box they're in myself, just have the printer do it. Which, while that does mean turning on the computer in the den, which isn't really all that horrible, except that you have to press "Enter" really fast because it gives a fan not working warning. Even though it seems to work okay without one. I don't usually work on it for tons of hours at a time like I do on this one, which I keep on all the time in case an urge strikes to work on my projects, which is nearly all the time I'm awake. And even if I go to sleep, I may wake up in the middle of the day to work on it.


So anyway, I made 6 boxes on a 8.5x11 inch sheet of paper. It fits really well. I decided to put the caption in the square rather than print it outside of it on the bottom. This is to give the comic a uniform look when I am looking at a whole bunch of them. It appears that I am the only one who looks at my webcomic which is sad. But it's also sad that I have to wait to die, and I'll never know when I will because I'll be dead. Anyway, the comic now looks like this:


All nice and square. This is my most recent favorite. I remember an old ad: "Bruce Chevrolet, a name you can count on." (Portlanders, remember Bruce holding a kangaroo while saying that?) What other name can you count on? Why, Steve Tenfingers, of course. I'm about to do the one that will be on at Thanksgiving, but I don't have a Thanksgiving-y idea for it, so it may just be a regular one. I've been also making the usual stuff: video games, crossword puzzles, and other stuff.


So now I'll go to my piece of paper and try to finish the thing off. I hear it calling. I have 4 comics on it already.


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I haven't read through them in a long while. This is a good one; we had a local candidate who had signs out that said "Don Orange, The Candidate With Appeal". I wont say your comics have great art, but the majority are legit funny and that's what is important to me.

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Thanks for the kind words about how the strip is funny. I know I can't draw all that good, so I try to make up for it by coloring them. I do a coloring process with Photoshop's bucket item. Yet it takes a good hour to color all 6 per page.

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Out of all the things you do, I've found the comics to be my favorite. I spent hours one evening going through many just laughing. The artwork is perfect for the style of comics you create and they're original. You should definitely post more of those here!

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