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Atari 2600 stuff

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So I decided to go on eBay to see what rare 2600 game I could get for my collection. All I could get in my price range that I didn't have already was Shuttle Orbiter ($60-$65.) Interesting that the Challenger blew up 3 years after the game was released. I have it on tape. So I am waiting for my Atari 2600 AC adaptor to come so I can play my Atari 2600 again. I could use my frayed one, but I don't want to catch the house on fire. I am also waiting for my giant Garfield PEZ dispenser to come as well. I will take a picture of it and post it here once it comes.


I have a question about the Superchager. I saw several on eBay. I am wondering where the tape goes in. It doesn't look like a tape could fit in it AND go into the console. Someone is coming to paint the fence today. I figured a few days earlier would be a much better time since it hasn't been raining, but oh well.

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Chris, there is a cord on the Supercharger with a 1/8” audio jack to go into a tape player.  I have also just plugged into my computer and loaded games through mp3 files

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I was wondering what that cord was for. It looks like if I buy a Supercharger I can just use the tape with my Walkman? But where does the ROM go when it's done loading? Onto the Supercharger itself?

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