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Odyssey² stuff

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So here I am bored again. I could work on act 4 of NES Stupidman. But I don't think I will finish the game because it looks like crap. I have been programming some more Odyssey2 stuff, mainly the hamburger doodle. But I will be working again on something else. A couple months ago, I was promised a copy of one of my games I created. The guy was in Brazil. I never got it. That was in November. Here it is almost February. Good thing I didn't actually pay for this, as I think I would now be out some money. But it is disappointing nonetheless.


I am so sleepy all the time. If you told me to go to sleep now, I could actually do it, and wake up about 8 hours later, even though I just woke up 3 hours ago. I don't know. There's also these skin tags under my eyes. I don't know if I should try to pluck them off or not. Or perhaps it's a dumb idea, like trimming my eyelashes. I also have horrible bags under my eyes because I guess I needed about 12 hours of sleep a night even when I was a kid.


The Odyssey² is a good console, but I don't really enjoy many of the original games for it, which was why I began to make my own. Now it has been a decade since my first Odyssey² game "Fatso" was released. I can't believe I've been doing this for 10 years now, averaging about a release a year. I didn't set out to make as many games as I had, it just happened, as I kept getting game ideas and saying "That hasn't been done on the Odyssey², I'll do that." And there will be more releases in the future from me.

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