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Arcade Pong status

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For the one or two of you out there that are following the Arcade Pong project. I'm here to report that I delayed releasing the finished version. It's done but I recently re-discovered the DanBoris' Tech Blog on the original Arcade Pong. I've been poring over the hardware diagrams and trying to understand how it works.


I've managed to glean a few great insights into how the real Arcade Pong worked and I will apply them to the code.


(I've also come away with a desire to build a Pong machine using discrete logic, but I doubt that I will ever fufill that desire.)


For instance, Dan recently (Aug 10th) posted up the circuit for the serve timer (1.7 seconds). It also gives some insight into what the ball should be doing during the 1.7 seconds.


So cool that Dan is doing this, I'd been insanely curious on how Pong worked and now I know (mostly).

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