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(He!) He-Man!

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BEEN CHECKIN' OUT NES tunes a little. The title tracks for 8 Eyes and Adventure Island III are pretty good.


Anyway, over the weekend made some progress - not as much as I'd hoped - on the Four-Play tune: FourPlaySong20060820.bin


Changed: volume of some notes in bass line; also played with the drum track a little. Didn't really do enough to count as "progress" but there it is.


New deadline is end of the month; you can all watch me panic as we get closer...:D


EDIT: ...And in case you were wondering about the title to this post: _He___He_Man.mp3

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Can't; sorry. I have ~700 NES ROMs on a CD that my brother got from somewhere - other ROMs that it doesn't have I've looked for on various free download sites.

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Ah, ok, so you're listening to the NES tunes by playing the games themselves. I thought you were refering to NSF music rips :lol:

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It's the file format for NES music. Just like SID files for the C64. They sure help some, if you just want to have a quick listen to the ending score of a game, without having to beat it first :lol:

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The Four-Play song rocks! Very cool.


I still haven't heard anything from Billy about RPS... I hope that sees the light of day some day/week/month/year/decade.

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