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Possibly another premature APF ending



Technically, the APF doesn't "end" until 1979.


Space Destroyers, a Space Invaders clone for the APF MP1000, comes out in 1979. While I've seen Space Destroyers on eBay a few times in the past, it's been over a year. Even on collecting forums it seems to turn up rarely in "wanted" and even less rarely in "for sale."


I'm going to count this title in with Bingo for the RCA Studio II, I'd play it if I could find it. According to the rarity guides it's as scarce as APF Blackjack (R7) but I've got two Blackjacks and I've seen others on ePay. I just can't get a handle on this one.


So, anyway, if anyone who reads this happens to have this cart, please let me buy, borrow or rent it from you. I'll take good care of it and send it back asap, though if you don't act soon, I may have to buy another console to replace the one I'm trying to sell.


Here we have the accumulated APF collection:




No boxes for anything ...




... but I do have six or seven genuine instruction booklets and the docs for the console ... (Dungeon Hunt instructions are missing from the shot, but I have those, too.)




and the packing foam.




I paid $84, shipped, for the console. and $50, $21 and $55.87 for three separate lots of carts, shipped.

Total cost basis through eBay: $210.87


I'll sell it all, shipping included, for $200 even (that's $10 off for the broken Brickdown in the lot.) if anyone is interested. If you want a more detailed breakdown of what's included and higher resolution photos I can send them, too.


Serious inquiries only, please.


Next entry we'll continue where we left off in 1979 with cart #23 Galactic Space Wars for the Channel F.

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I will make a prediction: you'll find a copy of Space Destroyers soon! :D


I can't run it on MESS. :(

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