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Pretty Close, Now.

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SO, SO CLOSE. So close to being done with the Four-Play tune. Here's what I've got now: FourPlaySong20060827.bin


Timed it for the first time just now and it clocks in at 2:20 - which is just about where I wanted it.


Working off of the to-do list I posted last time:


-finished the drum breaks

-wrote new beat to go with 2nd bassline

-figured out ending, wrote it, coded it


Still to do:

-tweak some of the slide-y runs

-add some crescendos/decrescendos to the melody

-drum tweaking - I'm pretty happy with the drum breaks (mostly), I might still tweak the 2nd drum beat

-get Zach's input and refine accordingly


As to that last point - any comments/requests, Zach? Feel free to post them here or PM me, as you wish. Anybody else is welcome, as always, to chime in with any of their comments as well. :D

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I don't hear any room for improvement. Congratulations. :party: :party:


I've been working on victory jingles based on your tune, like we discussed in PM's. Because it takes so much memory to draw the board, I had to write a simple music driver from scratch. It took a while, but I think I've managed to reproduce your articulations. ;)

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BTW, do you mind if I post your music in the Four-Play thread? Of course, you can do it yourself if your prefer.

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