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Space Destroyers (APF MP1000, 1979)



After my last entry, two very generous individuals offered to lend me their Space Destroyers cartridge!!!


Fortunately, one of them lives right here in Austin, TX, not far from me!


We met in a McDonalds parking lot and exchanged the warez (I gave him APF instructions as collateral. He's actually buying my whole APF Collection when I return Space Destroyers.)


I brought it home and experienced the awe and wonder of a really good Space Invaders clone on the APF MP1000.


Space Destroyers (APF, MP1000)




This is a simple port of the arcade game, Space Invaders. I say "simple" because it doesn't try to add anything to the original, it merely emulates it and does a damn good job. The movie below is nine seconds of it in action, but beware, its almost 3 megabytes big! (Can you imagine how frickin' huge 3 megabytes must've seemed back in 1979?)


(DEAD LINK to movie. I'm so ashamed. Oh goodness. Someday I hope I'll recover these. Someday I hope I just make YouTube videos about all of this stuff but honestly I do like the sound of my own typing much more than I like the sound of my own voice.)


The sound effects are perfectly cromulent. The gameplay is as close to the original as one would want it. I did notice slight slow downs when there was one Invader left zipping across and a shot traveling up the screen. Other than that, I'd say, "perfect."


Let me show you an odd thing about this cartridge.




See how much bigger it is than the cart featuring our old friend, Hangin' Chad? Yeah, I know, but it gets weirder. The thing is: All the APF carts other than Space Destroyers are the same size and they were all packaged in a generic green box which had no game identifiers on it. (Just like the boxes for the Bally Professional Arcade carts.) Yet, all of the boxes seem designed to fit cartridges the size of the Space Destroyers cart. According to the gentleman that loaned me the Space Destroyers cart, he's got a few of the boxes for the other APF carts and Space Destroyers fits them perfectly.


Oh, so another neat thing about this cart.




It conveniently has a list of all the other carts that came out which work with the APF MP1000 consoles.


Here's another odd thing, which I've mentioned before. My APF MP1000 console has Rocket Patrol built into it. From everything I've read, the APF M1000 didn't have Rocket Patrol built in. Yet, My APF MP1000 console is labeled "M1000." Which either means it is labeled wrong, or we don't know what the real difference between an APF M1000 and an APF MP1000 is.


One last oddity is that, like a few other carts, Space Destroyers says it will only work on the MP1000.




Yet, here it is working.




So, go figure.


Before I wrap up things for the APF, there are some errata in previous posts about some of the games, that I need to straighten out.


Blackjack: I found instructions for Blackjack. Once I learned how to do something besides take a hit, the game was much more pleasant. It can deal up to FOUR decks which breaks previous deck holding records on other BJ carts! It offers you insurance when the dealer has a face up. You can win if you have five cards that don't go over 21.


Boxing: I mentioned before that there are three AI driven boxing opponents with different alliterative names yet indistinguishable fighting habits. THAT was an incorrect statement. I played it again yesterday and say that each computer opponent has a boxing style primarily concerned with their offense. Horrible Harry punches every 3rd beat. (one, two, PUNCH, one, two, PUNCH). Slugging Sam swings every other beat (one, punch, one, punch) and Jabbing Joe stabs at the air every beat (jab, jab, jab, jab). Just thought I'd mention it as I wasn't kind when I spoke of the variation in opponents before. (Hey, it'd been a month or so since I'd played it. Gimme a break.)


EDIT: Just added some pictures. Just got back from selling the APF. *sniff* It's the first time I've sold off a collection for a particular system in one big fell swoop! Now I have to work on selling my RCA Studio II stuff.


Well, for the last time, I end the APF. I can't say the same for 1978 because if I ever get a Telstar Arcade or a Coleco Combat (or even just get to play one of them) then we'll have to warp back here again. I'm still waiting to play Atari PONG on a model C-100, too.


Anyway, one last shot of the little family of carts.





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Aww, I wish I could play Space Destroyers on MESS. It's yet another of those games that won't run. :\ Curiously, there are two ROM files for this game. At first I wondered if the game had actually two carts, but your post shows that it's just one cart, on steroids. So I have no idea why I have two ROM files, but none of them work anyway.


About your system's model, it's weird indeed. I've seen pictures of the MP-1000 and the label does read "MP-1000". Maybe they produced some MP-1000 systems that were wrongly labeled? Perhaps to reduce production costs? You definitely had an MP model because you managed to play the games that were supposedly only compatible with the MP. According to old-computers.com both models had the built-in game, so that wasn't the difference between them.


Oh, nice that you tried Boxing again and corrected your previous statement on the AI!

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On 1/7/2017 at 2:27 PM, lancegmason said:

[1] Open command box to your roms folder

[2] Type copy /B apf1013a.bin+apf1013b.bin SpaceDestroy.bin


You now have a single cartridge that will work with MESS/MAME.


[4] Open command to your mame/mess folder and load your rom (wherever you put it)

[3] mame apfimag -cart "SpaceDestroy.bin" -keepaspect


Note: If your rom image does not work, try:

Type copy /B apf1013b.bin+apf1013a.bin SpaceDestroy.bin



Controls seem to be:

LEFT=Left arrow

RIGHT=Right Arrow

FIRE=Number pad Enter.

It is super cool of you to have provided these instructions for Nelio and others that came after. Thank you, Sir Lance!

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On 11/4/2012 at 7:12 PM, Nelio said:

Oh, nice that you tried Boxing again and corrected your previous statement on the AI!

xD I haven't seen that correction yet. I've been reformatting entries but not really re-reading them. I guess I'll do that after I've finished reformatting. I actually wrote a little correction in the entry a couple nights ago that my memory seems to think I must have plagiarized from somewhere else but I have no idea where I could have read another explanation of this game.


(ooooh, now I see the correction! herp derp)

Edited by Mezrabad

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