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DP Blogs eaten?



Last night, I read an announcement that DP blogs were going to be lost in a transfer to the new bulletin board system. The announcement posted at 9:20 the site went down again at 11:50 (central time.). 150 minutes to find the announcement and back up a blog was given to us.


Things of which I am aware: DP is free for me. Many people work hard and spend money to keep it running at no cost to me. The person doing the conversion was doing it in his free time and I am not ungrateful for his efforts. To not be aware of these facts would be ungrateful and ignorant. I am neither. The fact that DP is free for me and many others is what inspired me to also have my blog over there despite after having set it up here at AA a month prior.


This blog is a bit of an attempt to "give something back" in the form of reviews of some really old games about which I can find very little on the rest of the internet. It can take about three to four hours an entry (yeah, now you know). Consider this, for most titles I write about I have to: find them for sale, win them at auction (or borrow them), find the money to pay for them, receive them, set them up, play them, cajole people into playing them with me as needed, take screenshots, quicktime movies and box scans, edit/compress said photographed/scanned material, sit down and write something about them, format the entry (with pictures) and then sell them back to the world again to afford the games coming up in the chronology. All that work is done for A. My own sick pleasure and B. To write about it in this blog.


Do that 145 times. Not for every game of course, but you get the picture.


If I didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't do it, but that doesn't mean there's no effort. To just take all that effort offline, possibly with no hope of return, without adequate warning, seems, at best, hasty, at worst, um, really, really hasty.


I'm hoping the guy was joking. If he was yanking our chains, fine. Hell, no harm done even if he wasn't yanking our chains because I had my site pretty much "backed up" over here on AA, which I backed up to my HD last night and today.


Suffice to say: if my blog at DP has been put into stasis with little chance of retrieval, I am not a happy camper. The implications of this may be very complex and long-term.

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I really enjoy your reviews that you do on your Blog here at AtariAge.Its nice to find out about games and systems i dont have or never had a chance to play on.i just thought you would like to know your work is appricated.Thanks.

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The prospect of the DP blogs going away is something that is seriously pissing me off. :party: However, like you, I have to remind myself that the work on the site is done on the person's free time and I shouldn't be harsh about their efforts. Nevertheless, I would like them to give us more time to back up our blogs or at least set up the blogs as read only so that we will be able to archive our own efforts. I believe I have most - if not all - of my DP blog entries duplicated on my LiveJournal blog so I should be OK (I only put computer and Atari related stuff on my AA blog). What about everyone else who didn't have the foresight or even the chance to back up their DP blogs? I predict a lot of complaining (or at least a lot of disappointment) ahead.


If they ever do start up blogs again on the new DP forum, I'll probably pass. Fool me once...

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Damnit, i did it again, Nelio posted something in 2012 and I accidentally deleted it. grrrr. He was saying that in 2012 he went to look for my blog over on DP but to no avail.


This is why I should sleep more, else I start deleting bits of history. Sorry, Nelio!

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