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Collection goals...

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Yeah, so I've been collecting video games for how long? Seems like too long at times. Nah, I like games. Not just video games though. I like card games and board games too. So, I suppose it's in my cynical nature to destroy stuff by the most primitive means.I began to set goals for myself (not just with games) some time ago. I am also a better person because of it. It helps me to stay focused on what is really important in all I am involved with.So, on to the game collection goals. I have made it a long term goal to collect every rarity 1-9 Atari 2600 game AND all the instruction manual variations for each game as well. I have come to realize one important thing in this hobby. You have to be PATIENT. You know as well as I that there isn't going to be some miracle find in anyone's near future. The great finds are few and far between now. If only it was 1992 again. I certainly would have done things differently. I could have ordered about a dozen copies of every atari game I still need for my collection for under $15 each! Oh well, I'm still happy I kept my SNES from back then. Wish I still had my NES though. But we all learn as time goes on what really makes us gamers happy.I have an additional goal to collect one prototype, one complete boxed game, and all the catalogs from each individual company that produced games for the 2600.I've come to realize that the era we live in now will never have "3rd party" releases of video games like there were back in the 80's. It simply isn't possible when Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo control the market and each title has millions being traded back and forth before the programming is even completed for the damn game.Ok, so fast forward 25 years into the future..... People will have some newly invented form of playing video games that is way cheaper to produce and way "cooler" than even the best PC systems of today. Will you be playing games off some sort of disc? Probably. Will the vast majority of the population care about cartridge based games and the pitfall harry's of yesteryear? Well, I doubt that too but some certainly will. I know I will. You see, you have to remove yourself from the times we live in now in order to realize what will be considered historically important years from now. I am a firm believer that the PSX as well as the NES, N64 and Atari 2600 will be the most important cart based systems that were ever made. I certainly doubt that there will be any "carts" produced in 2030 cept for the homebrew and hack sceens of course!Another goal would be to have all the arcade games that are my favorites up and running 100% in the same room. I have a list and it goes like this.Peter PackRatAsteroids/Ast. DeluxePac Man/Ms PacCrystal Castles/Missile CommandTempest w/Zektor PC board installed and custom control panelComet pinballT2 pinballVertical MAMEHorizontal MAMECocktail MAMEI'm about halfway to completing this goal.Onto another topic, video game characters... If you had to pick one single coolest classic game character, who would it be? Some say Mario but he is way too mainstream to be that cool. Sonic? Nah, Sega doesn't even make hardware anymore and they had the best system ever when the botched it all up. I propose to all that Q-bert is the one. That's right folks, Q-bert. He doesn't have any arms or mouth but he sure can cuss like a sailor. He's like that cool uncle that only comes around on holidays and gives you neat-o presents and kisses your mom the wrong way and swears at old people cutting him off in his El Camino. In the mean-time, hope this blog hasn't bored the hell out of you. Rock on Uncle Bert!

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Awesome... I never really thought of Q*Bert like that but you have a point!


I love Q*Bert btw... mostly because I enjoyed the game so much when I was younger while my uncle and I would take turns playing it at his place.


Only thing I have Q*Bert related these days is the trash can :)

Good stuff!

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