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Got it maid?

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ELEVATOR REPAIRMAN, now kinda playable. Also rethemed a bit:




Changes: I stopped trying to develop the 1K and 4K versions simultaneously and am now using a table to change the background color, rather than manipulating the line counter and plugging that into COLUBK. Also created a sprite. Also cleaned up the display a bit, tweaked the left/right boundaries.

The main changes, though: a) the score, b) the timer, and c) collisions. It's all very rough, but now all of the essential pieces are there - well, except for a game-over condition.


As you can see, I haven't thought of anything better than the hotel maid theme; please throw theme suggestions at me! I like what I've got alright, but if there's something better I want to know about it!


EDIT: Small update before the weekend:


Just prettied up the text a little. Currently displaying about 200 visible lines, which is a bummer since I also wanted to have the title of the game and a small bitmap (~10 lines) above the play area, and ~215 visible lines is probably too many. Or is it?


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If an object will be maintaining a constant fractional speed, there's no need to store fractional position. Instead, you can use a lookup table to determine what the object should do on each frame.


I don't know anything about fractional speed, 2600 programming, etc., but does this mean that the elevators (have the potential to) change speed on every frame? Or does each individual elevator maintain a constant speed at all times (until you pass the level, or whatever)? I think it would be cool if the elevators didn't act like elevators, rather they acted like sentient, evil elevators, that adjusted their speed based on the vertical alignment of the maid. For example, when the maid is directly above or below the SEE (sentient evil elevator), it would increase speed until the maid was no longer vertically aligned. Kind of like the sharks in Go Fish!


Also, no offense, but "Got it Maid?" doesn't really make any sense, other than the fact that you're using a maid for the sprite, and it's a pun. I think something along the lines of "Maid vs. Elevators" would be more appropriate, despite the fact that that's an incredibly lame, terrible example. "Got it Maid?" doesn't really tell me anything about the game; it's just a clever pun. Just my professional opinion.

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I don't think the elevators will act like evil, sentient sharks, no. :lol:


Though they may do some nasty, unpredictable things at higher levels :ponder:

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Though they may do some nasty, unpredictable things at higher levels :ponder:


If you get a few bytes back by using the "peg drum" to control speeds, maybe you could have someone appear periodically on a floor where the maid isn't; the first elevator to arrive at that floor would stop and the person would walk over to it. The elevator would then restart. Perhaps, even though I can't figure out any logical reason for a maid to be able to do this, the maid could once per floor trigger the person to appear on the bottom floor by pushing fire. One would have to time it so that the next elevator to appear there would be one that the player would like to stop for awhile.

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