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look-ahead bug fixed

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Okay, I've fixed the look-ahead bug which was causing the ladder issues vdub_bobby was noticing. I think you'll find the leprechauns to be a little smarter now. Leprechaun Level Editor updates as usual.


Oh, one note. The AI for swinging on ropes is the same as running with the one exception of falling when the player is directly below. (Note - it may be possible to run under a leprechaun and not trigger this behaviour.) So when the player is higher than the leprechaun they will do look-ahead drop-off detection at the end of the rope & automatically reverse direction and go into hunt mode.

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Much better! Tested a bunch of levels and the enemies are quite smart now. The main glitch is the never-dropoff problem.

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This game was looking really good. What ever happened to it?

Real life. And now I'd need to relearn everything I did. Someday it could rise from the ashes, but I also have several other projects on hiatus.

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