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War of Nerves (Odyssey^2, 1979)



War of Nerves (Odyssey^2, 1979) :)




This is another great example of a game that didn't seem like much when I played it single-player but blossomed into a real giggle when I played it with my son.


You control a general and your mission is to lead a bunch of robots into battle to catch the enemy general, who also has robots. The challenge here is that you lead, you don't control. The robots can disable each other and you can heal them by touching them. There's a play balancer in that as robots on your team become disabled your remaining robots move faster. There's trees all over the playfield around which the robots and your general must maneuver.


As a single-player game, this didn't cause any "whooping" from me.


Then I played it with my nine year old boy and suddenly we were having fun, and I mean fun. We were yelling at our brain-dead robots, we were yelling at our generals and we alternately begged for mercy from each other's robots. ("I'll give you power! Wealth beyond measure! Just let me go, please!")


I don't think it was "fluke" fun either, in that it had nothing to do with whales. No. I mean in that it wasn't a "one shot, we happened to be in a good mood that day" type of fun. There was just something about the dynamics of the game that made it quite enjoyable for us. I'm not saying everyone could sit down with another person and enjoy War of Nerves but I am saying that I think we could sit down with it a second maybe even a third time and still have fun with it.


Other than the screenshot at the opening, I wasn't able to get any movies or screens that weren't really blurry or just plain dull looking. I really only want to spend the bandwidth when it's worth it. ;)


That's it, I'll talk about Showdown in 2100 A.D. next entry.

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What happened to the exclamation mark in the title? You missed it! I had to check a game scan to confirm if it had one or not. I thought all Odyssey 2 games would have one, but it's not the case, In fact, the game in your next entry doesn't have an exclamation mark. Which is good, as it got cheesy after the, hmm, 1st game.


Is there really a single player mode in which the enemy general is controlled by the computer? Or is it the same as the 2-player version without anyone holding the second controller? I'm betting it's the latter, which is unfortunate.


It's a nice concept though, and I enjoyed it. Paving the way to real-time strategy games, don't you think?

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