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EP+SW update

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I discovered a while back the Expensive Planetarium starfield required too much ROM space for its own good. After some debate, I decided to recode it as 236x80 tiles (versus 216x90), which will nicely map from $9000-DFFF, leaving $8xxx and $Exxx for sprites (w/ 4K:16 line holey DMA) and $Fxxx for the actual code. This does mean the aspect ratio is wrong, but I'm willing to live with that. (Well, it was only "correct" at 0 degrees declination.)Anyway, Saturday I went back to the source file I got from somewhere and re-did the QBasic program to convert it to an ASM file. It still needs a couple of tweaks. I forgot to handle wrap around and I need to put in a workaround for the lack of a bitwise OR.Yes, I use QBasic. BASIC (actually AppleSoft BASIC) was my first computer language and I've never stopped using it. It's got some decent string handling commands. And since it's interpretted, it's easy to do itterative development with.My other language of choice is C, which I use when I need to do heavy CPU stuff.

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When will you release a playable version?

Btw. using basic for prototyping is a quick and easy way so there is no reason not to use it.

I like Blitz Basic even if I don't use it that often.

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The 4K release is playable. It just doesn't have scoring. But movement, shooting, and collision detection work.


I've learned not to try and put a schedule on these projects, just try and keep them moving forward.

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I didn’t realize that you already published a playable demo but now I found one in the forum.

A really good conversion!

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