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New old PC

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My most recent find is a 486/40Mhz Dos, PC I got for free. It has a 250Mb HD a CDROM and two floppies. A 3.5" 1.44 floppy marked as drive B and 5.25" one marked drive A. Oh and a sound blaster 16bit sound card. Upon opening it up I was surprised to see it had virtually no dust inside. Unfortunately it has limited RAM memory, 3.7 MB's, I would need to upgrade it. It will eventually end up being used for wireless access but till that happens I am pondering on the possible uses for it, especially for Atari stuff. Any ideas?

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I have 3 486's - 2 ol laptops which are dx50's and a a desktop which is a dx33 2 have 8meg and the one laptop only 4 meg RAM but runs Windows for Workgroups nicely the others have Win 95 and run OK but they do shine with DOS 6 and 64HDD or Star Commander for C= computers and APE for DOS is pretty good for the Atari computers


But yeah RAM is the way to go to and get peaked! I forget what max Memory for those are? 16 Meg I think

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Depending on the motherboard, you might already be at the max RAM (~4MB). It's probably also best to stick to DOS (hello config.sys/autoexec.bat). You should be able to run anything up to (and including) DOOM.

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There are a few empty slots for SIMMS but that doesn't really mean much. At the time I was way more into Atari's and I have very little knowledge about these old PC's. I was hoping it would reach 32Mb's but I guess if it goes up to 16 I will be happy.

I was considering installing Freedos and GEM thus giving it a kind of Atari feel but I don't know if that will be possible. I guess I'll have to find out :)

Thanks for the suggestions.

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