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Falcon Hardware Wish list

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Just a small list of things I want and I can somewhat afford. A realistic wish list you could say :)

I want an fpu. A 68882 PLCC capable of operating at 25MHz. I found a 16Mhz one for 8.90 Euros. It is supposed to work up to 33Mhz so I guess it will work.

PhantomS. PhantomS is an overclocking accelerator for the falcon030 speeding everything to 25Mhz. And when I say everything, I mean the CPU, Bus, Videl etc providing a serious speed increase. It costs 35 Euros and also provides a clockpatch. I' ve already purchased a memory card from Petr and I am very happy with it. Check it out here.

An external SCSI II CD ROM. That is one of the hardest things to source in Greece (at a reasonable price). A friend of my brother might have one, let's hope he does :).

And last but not least, NetusBee, see my previous post.

This will set me back about 150 Euros.


Another thing that would interest me, would be a SCSI equivalent to SatanDisk. Is there such a thing? Google hasn't been much help there :(.

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