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A trip to Falcon Demos

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I spent this morning watching a few demos for my favourite machine and although this topic has been covered extensively in the scene related websites and publications (diskmags, online even in print) such as the DHS website or the Alive Atari scene diskmag, I thought I should write a few words too, from a personal viewpoint. If you don't know what is a demo take a look here.

My first contact with the demoscene was when I got my Falcon. Among with the software I got with came three demos. One was for the STE, called Techno Drugs by NLC, the other two being Falcon, Terminal F**k up by Sanity and last but not least the Eko Demo 2 by the Eko group. The last needed an RGB monitor and though it isn't something special by demoscene standards I used to bring the TV to my room all the time just to watch it. I loved it.

These demos were all I had for some time, but later I got one of those pd CD compilations that had a Falcon demos compilation. I don't exactly remember what I watched but I think I wasn't that impressed.

The modern era of demo watching for me started with the internet revolution (that came a bit later for Greece). I would download as many demos as I could find and started getting more and more impressed with what people would do. So what are my favourite demos for the falcon?

My most favourite is an easy one. _ (Underscore) by Escape. A galore of fast texture mapped polygons, excellent mood in design and music. Youtube video


Another wonderful demo is the Hmmm demo again by Escape and Delta and Out by Lineout.

Dead Hackers Society have released excellent demos as well but they are mostly for accelerated machines. But you can find videos of their demos in youtube and their site. Check for Derealization, Outline invite and "The Genocidal".

And finally Sonolumineszenz by Avena. I can't say enough for this demo, just that it rocked the scene.


DHS www.dhs.nu

Escape http://web.inf.tu-dresden.de/~nf2/

Lineout http://lineout.atari.org/

Avena www.avena.com


I know I am forgetting crews and notable Falcon Demos, but this isn't an article, just random thoughts. Enjoy!

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