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Falcon Games

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Time for a blog update!

Contrary to popular belief, the Falcon has a small library of more than 100 games. Most of them were originally released as shareware or freeware but there are some commercial ones. In this first post about falcon gaming I will write a small list and a few comments about the commercial games I' ve played. For screenshots and descriptions I will refer you to tof's excellent site.

Not surprisingly Atari was the first to fund or release games for the falcon. These include:

  • Steel Talons
  • Evolution Dino Dudes
  • Road Riot 4WD
  • Jeff Minter's Llamazap

All these games require a jagpad but Steel Talons was patched for use with a joystick. So I was only able to play that one and though I liked it a lot, it wasn't until I got to play the arcade that I understood what a bad port it was. The 3d engine especially, was very slow compared to other games (such as Mig 29 done by Domark as well). However I had a lot of fun with it and I guess that that's what counts.


Another company that released falcon games was Silmarils.

  • Ishar I
  • Ishar II
  • Ishar III
  • Robinson's Requiem
  • Transarctica

Ishar III and Robinson's Requiem were also released on CD ROM. I am not an RPG person but I loved the Ishar trilogy. OK it is the basic script, save the world etc but there is a depth in those games, they have beautiful VGA graphics, great audio (much better then in the PC) and they are big. Never managed to complete them though but I will one day. Robinson's Requiem on the other hand features beautiful 3d graphics a very big and strange world and balances excellently between adventure and RPG. This might be one of the better games for the falcon and I highly recommend it. All four games were also released for the ST. Transarctica is another game I enjoyed playing, it's a science fiction real time strategy with trains running on lignite and anthracite.


And speaking for RPG' s JV/Enterprises released a Dungeon Master clone called Towers II which was sympathetic in appearance, but like I said I am not an RPG person so I can't say much, didn't play it more than half an hour, no comment etc.


Three more commercial games came from France. Logitron created.

  • Aazhom Crypt
  • Operation SKUUM
  • Sheer Agony

The first one is a Mortal Combat type Beat' em up, the second an Operation Wolf type shooter and the third a first person adventure. All three games have in common the use of digitized pictures for graphics but I didn't really like them much. However they released them in the public domain and that gives them extra bonus.


Another beautiful game is Killing Impact. Great graphics, music and gameplay. It is based on the idea of joust and you fight gravity with your thrusters. You' ve got to play this game if you own a falcon especially now that it has been released as freeware by Mr Pastore who I thank. Some would even argue that this is the best Falcon game!


Wow there are more than I thought. I' ll wrap it up for now. Maybe later :)

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