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Falcon Games Part 3 - The Classics

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When you go back to the days of the Arcades or to the VCS there are a few games that come to mind. Pacman, Defender, Asteroids, Pong. Everyone who makes a game starts from one of these and Falcon coders are no exception. So this is the topic of todays tour into Falcon gaming.

I will start with one of my favourite games, Double Bobble 2000 by Reservoir Gods which is a remake of.. come on! You don't need me to tell you that, do you? It has upgraded true colour graphics and beautiful digital audio. It's gameplay is a bit slower than in the arcades but I consider that as an improvement.

Reservoir Gods have also released Bugger which is a clone of Frogger with six player action. All a falcon user needs is 5 friends (a couple of joysticks and joypads etc).

Cavemania 1 & 2 and Boulder Smash are boulder dash clones that I never got to play and Toy Man by Toys is a Pac Man clone in 4Kb. Actually it's pretty good too!

And speaking of Pac Men Mr Martin Steen created Pac Them, another Pac Man clone with raytraced graphics but he also made Spice and Ganymed, a Defender and Asteroids clone respectively. All three games are very well made and I' ve played them all. I do suck at Spice though.

Of course there are a couple of Tetris games and a 2 IIRC columns but generally if you are a Falcon user there are most of the classics you will need.

For a nice Tetris clone, ST/Falcon try Metal link.

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