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Zero 5 - First impressions

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Zero 5 is one of the last commercial games to hit the ST. It needs an STE to play but it finds it self on a falcon. The game is a 3d space shooter with fast polygon graphics, an interesting scenario (apart from interesting it's also highly original, evil aliens attack earth for no apparent reason) and there are a lot of missions to complete. The game can be played with either a mouse or a jagpad and since I don't have the second, I can only say that it takes a lot of practice to do anything with the mouse, not the best type of control for this game but it suits me fine since my joystick ports don't work and I really need to do something about that.. Anyway what I didn't like was that ok, you are supposed to have a fast and agile hi - tec spaceship and it can't do what planes from the first world war did, loop. Another thing I didn't like was that the play area seemed to be small, it's not smaller than on any flight simulator but I' d like it bigger. Technically speaking and as much as I can comment the game is brilliant and though I only played it a couple of hours I really got into the gameplay. I think my falcon will get a lot more playtime.

Atari Legend link here

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