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Atari Basketball A.I.

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Well, the Pistons are in the finals....Beat the Spurs!....another 90 degree day in D town. Watching the NBA playoffs lately got me thinking about basketball video games.I love NBA Street and the newer EA NBA and NCAA titles, I'll always love playing Dr J vs Bird on the C64......and then....theres the bizzare Atari Basketball....yeah.Theres one thing that makes this game unlike any other of its time. The computer opponent has....."Emotions". Thats right, if a human gets 8 or 10 pts ahead, the computer player gets "upset" and begins aggressively and convulsively stealing the ball on every possession until the lead is down to a more "agreeable" margin...thus is born artificial intelligance in sports gaming.see yall later, I gotta work on my Thunderground skillz for HSC.

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That's so cool about Atari Basketball! I never knew that about the AI, probably because I never got that far ahead. Heh.

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