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PC-to-PS2 Ports: Part 2

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So here it is, folks! Part 2 of "PC-to-PS2 Ports". After taking some suggestions from a good friend of mine, I've been able to dig up four more ports that deserve some attention. For all the PS2 fanboys out there; this is your chance to play some great PC games that would otherwise be relegated to the bargain bin.First up;Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. Developed by Raven, this Trekkie game is based off the Quake III engine. Raven has been licensing id Software's engine technology ever since they developed Heretic off the Doom engine. Elite Force is a fun shooter and Raven has done an exemplary job of reconstructing the ship interiors. If you're a Trekkie, be sure to pick this one up.Second up;Giants: Citizen Kabuto. A fun 3rd-person game from Shiny with a quirky storyline and well-designed (although somewhat glitchy) gameplay.examples.tar.gzHere's a game from BioWare, a Canadian developer best known for Baldur's Gate. The game; MDK 2: Armageddon. Another great 3rd-person action game that follows in the well-established footsteps of the first game. The dialogue, storytelling and characters are humorous and well-established. The tongue-in-cheek humor is evident right from the start, as you must descend down to Vancouver (BioWare's base of operations :) ) to combat the attacking aliens.post-6045-1102390352_thumb.jpgLast but not least: a game which introduced immersive storytelling to the 1st-person shooter genre;video_game_collection.zipOf course, it's Half-Life! The game obviously needs no explanation, but fans will be happy to know that the character models and texture mapping have been vastly improved (even moreso than the Blue Shift expansion pack/patch). There's also a splitscreen cooperative mode with a different storyline. Definitely worth picking up if you haven't experienced Half-Life yet, or if you want to try the co-op.That's it for now. I may do another installment if I discover more launch-title ports, but until then, be sure to check your local bargain bins for these PC treasures.

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