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Post One Day One

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I’ve been visiting and posting at AtariAge for what seems like millennia, in fact it was one of my earliest Internet experience. The Als (not that you see or hear much of Alex these days) were even kind enough to host my short-lived AA-beating website 'Atarinvader.com', at their own personal expense. If you never got the chance to visit the site then you can go back in time via The Web Archive and have a peak.With all my days of forum hopping I’ve become a bit of a gaming curio, I’m not either a serious collector nor a serious gamer. I’m simply in love with the medium. See, I’d don’t think that videogames have yet, or have rarely in days gone, hit upon their very peak. A peak where the game is so infectious that it is able to penetrate in to your mind so as to evoke the emotions that a good book is able.The subtlety of Sony’s Ico is nearly the only movement toward the evoking of emotion. It worked so effectively because it didn’t tell you what you were thinking, but let you draw your own conclusion. Throughout the game, the princess (both in an actual and narrative sense), Yorda’s dialogue goes without translation, leaving you to fill in the gaps of the love story. You were not told how you should feel; you just did as you did. The downfall unfortunately was that Yorda’s AI was shockingly bad and made you infuriated towards her.I’m planning to fill this blog with my musings on videogames, my projects (currently creating a new games room, pics to follow) and perhaps the odd titbit of Pop Philosophy. And I hope that you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I hope to enjoy writing it.

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