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System Audio Manager - SAM

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When I got my Falcon, a very nice program came with it. System audio manager or SAM for sort. So after being a bit too tired to do anything with my Falcon the past few days, other than watching demos for the relaxing and enjoying effect they have, I toyed today with this little program.

One of it's primary functions, is to assign samples to various operating system's operations, such as opening a window or alert boxes and system errors. So I used a few samples of computers speaking and the result was very enjoyable.

It is important to remember that this program eats a lot of RAM so it's probably more suitable for Atari's with at least 4 MB's of RAM and then one should really restrain oneself.

Other than that, the program should run on STE, TT and Falcon but I am not sure about the clones. I am also aware of a program called Gemjing that you can use to assign samples in GEM applications but I am not sure whether it would provide the same functionality as SAM. Please let me know if you know a bit more and especially if you' ve used it ;).

Other functions this nice program has, are audio recording and it can also be used with the Audio Fun Machine. This provides the capability for recordings using some DSP effects, such as Surround or Cyborg. Have you ever heard your self speaking with a computerised voice? It's really fun...

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