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Ultraman vs. Odyssey



Okay, for those of you who didn't read my last entry (and who could blame you?) this blog is about pretending it isn't 2005. We're using our imaginations and pretending that it is 1973.


This isn't a historical blog. I won't bore you with relevant facts. I'm going to bore you with blow by blow descriptions of really old videogames. Before I do that, I'm going to bore you by talking about the Odyssey and how it may not have had anything to do with people loving video games nor was it ever meant to! Actually, I won't talk about that at all, because it would require me to talk about things like Arcade videogames in 1972 and that's beyond the scope of this blog. I'm going to keep the concepts school-yard simple: It's my considered opinon that Ultraman would cream the Odyssey in a fight.


Let's say that each day between school and dinner in 1973, you have about a half-an-hour of TV time during which you may either watch Ultraman or play your brand spanking new Odyssey. You love Ultraman! BUT, you are fascinated by this new TV manipulating toy called Odyssey! (for you English teachers out there, I'm writing in "second person presumptuous" voice) What do you do?


Obviously, the day after you get it, you're going to use that half-hour to try to play it.


Screw Ultraman, you can watch that Nihon-jin sixties has-been tomorrow, if you still even feel like it! To you, at this stage in the world's evolution, from your perspective in 1973, the Odyssey IS the next necessary step on mankind's road to 3-D Smellivision. Either that, or it will suck and you'll go back to watching Ultraman again real soon.


Actually, this is where the comments section comes in. I'll talk about an Odyssey game and then you, the reader, leave in the comments section a so-called "comment" concerning whether or not you'd rather watch Ultraman or play the Odyssey "game o' the day/week (or however often I blog)." The beauty of this is that you get to have an opinion about a game you may not have even played! You could say you'd rather watch Ultraman because you don't like the color green and "this stupid game" had green in it! Or whatever! Talk off the top of your ass!™ That's what I'm going to do!


Anyway, tomorrow I'll talk about Table Tennis for Odyssey by Magnavox.


(Oh, and before you even comment. I know Odyssey came out in 1972 (May, I think) but I don't know when its 1972 extra games and the Shooting Gallery came out. I figure they were all out by 1973 so we should start playing all of 1972's games in 1973. Also, I don't actually remember if Ultraman was on in 1972, but I do remember it being on in 1973 (4:30, channel 17, in Philadelphia, I think.). So, uh, there.)



Recommended Comments

It was great of you to pretend that you were in the year when these games and systems were released. I find it very unfair when websites and bloggers review old content based on today's standards.


It was also fair of you to compare it with Ultraman, a crap series from hell! I didn't recall the series - I wasn't even born in 1973 - but I remember reruns or similar series from the 80s. Yesterday I watched some videos, and man, that was bad. Well, maybe for my own today's standards. :|


It's my considered opinon that Ultraman would cream the Odyssey in a fight.


Well, that didn't happen, did it? :D

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Hahah, no, no it didn't! I was actually surprised because "out of the box" the Odyssey appears far more boardgame than video game. I didn't think it stood a chance against even Ultraman. (I was about five or six years old when the first series of Ultraman was being broadcast in the states. I really liked it then. I'll admit to finding it hard to watch now. It was easier to get my kids to play these games than it was to get them to watch Ultraman, I can tell you that.)

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