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Does anybody use the friends thingy?

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I remember when Slashdot added this feature. At first, there was this flurry of activity. Picked up a batch of friends, and a coupla foes. After that, it all tapered down to a point where nobody cared.


Are we there at AA? This community is significantly different from the Slashdot one. People know each other, the focus is far tighter in general, than Slashdot is, fewer users overall and a much higher signal to noise ratio, likely from the high number of regulars all sharing the same interest.


That's it really. Just wondering aloud about the whole thing, which I'm likely to continue to ignore...

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I'm using it. I think it's pretty cool. Especially when I'm very short on time, then I don't read the boards, but just look what my friends are posting :)

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Ok then... That's not a bad idea!


Perhaps I'll tag some friends tonight and see how that goes. It is easy to lose track and never thought of that feature as a selection tool. The whole popularity contest part is a turn off. Using it this way though seems practical.



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