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Propeller (HYDRA) game releases.

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I'm doing some coding right now, looking to put together something that runs Erik's sprite video driver code. I'm eager to try that one out.


Thought I would take a moment and mention two Propeller game projects:


Manic Miner


Originally a Spectrum game, this port is spot on and has that nice retro feel. Never bumped into this game before, but I like it! Uses keyboard for control.





And the only screenshot online so far...




This one requires a two stage load. The EEPROM holds the game assets and is loaded first. It then, programs the necessary data into the upper EEPROM memory above 32K. Stage two then can be loaded whenever you want to play, and runs in the 32K RAM. Both can be programmed into the EEPROM for instant on play too.



Donkey Kong


This one is near complete. The files here are totally playable. Very nice! When this one gets through the spit and polish stage, it's gonna be a spot on port of DK to the Propeller. It's aimed at the HYDRA, but currently runs completely in the 32K of RAM, so it could run on any Propeller setup. Uses Nintendo NES style game controller. Can be hacked to use other control schemes.




Here is a screenshot, taken from the Parallax forum. I've no way to grab a screenie right now, or I would!




Edit: A debugged version, with near excellent in game sounds.



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