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Where I've Been ...

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... Not that anyone cares :P


I haven't been on that much lately, many things going on - including my girlfriend of 12 years being put into the hospital the end of January and coming out the end of February needing kidney dialysis for the rest of her life. She actually went back in the hospital over this past weekend due to an infection (with a 103 degree fever), but she's home again now. It is a very slow process of her getting better. She had lost quite a bit of weight in the hospital (she was only 128 lbs to begin with), and it's hard work trying to get her weight and her strength back. Her age kind of works against her as well (she is about 30 years older than me).


During the time she was in the hospital, I also finally came to the conclusion (after 22 years) that I will not accomplish anything with music, as I am just not gifted in the 'composing' area. So, I packed up all of my music equipment, my instruments, and put them away. I also removed my album from CDBABY, and destroyed any recordings I have made.


Also, to make matters worse, I have been serously doubting my ability to learn things lately. After the 'Pac Man Collection' game, I thought I was ready to take on the 7800. Boy was I wrong. I am working on a new project which has me completely stumped. Plus at work I am not picking things up as quickly as when I was younger... and this was starting long before January.


Between all that going on, and the fact that my Uncle, and two brothers also are having medical issues, I just didn't feel much like coming on very often. I will still only be on once in a while (usually at work - just to check quickly while I'm waiting for a compile to finish or the like), until things start to clear up.


Man, depression sucks.

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Man,talk about a full plate.Sorry about the state of things in your life right now but try not to let it wear you down.


You got friends here and we are than willing to hear about your problems and try and cheer you up if we can.Sounds like to me you need your music now more than ever(and Atari).The things that enjoy in your life can help you through hard times.Take care,buddy. :)

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