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Why I have been quiet and what I have been up to

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Hello people,

Some of you may wonder (yeah right) why I have been quiet and not updated the blog for some time. There are various reasons, the uni has been taking much of my time and I' ve found myself reading about automobile design in relation to materials selection, Li-ion batteries and superalloys (yes you guessed it when I grow up I will be a materials scientist). However unfortunately that is not the main reason, some things that happened on a personal level have managed to take the fun of posting on this blog away. However in the mean time Atari has been pretty much the only extra curricular activity I had the will to do. So I got my hands on the GFA Basic compiler and started coding. I can tell you coding is fun and I should have done it much earlier. As far as my successes go I have managed to make a few lines and pixels do strange things which are horrendous by nature but they are mine none the less. I hope that in a short time I will be able to do something nice and sceneish, with the help of the Atari (16/32) scene and a few people in particular, you know who you are ;). Another two "projects" I have in mind are a quick Falcon FAQ and to compile a list of all the VGA compatible falcon demos, or at least many of them so that this issue can be finally addressed. The issue being that I download demos, transfer them to falcon and I get a black screen. And since I have no ethernet (yet) this is a very time consuming task I tell ya! I am thinking of doing the list in Atari works database. What do you think?

On another note, it looks like I am going to be getting my very own SIO2PC cable so that I could explore the 8 bit scene a bit.

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