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Blazing Lazers thou art a harsh mistresss

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Dug out the TG16 and decided to play a game of Blazing Lazers. It is STILL fast to this day. To think that I have been playing this game off and on for 15 years and have STILL not beaten it without using a continue echos what 'replay value' is all about. I love that game, but damn, it makes me want to test the durability of a hucard by flinging it across the room into the wall sometimes! Makes me wish that Hudson had actually imported the GOOD games from the TG16 and not made it such a laughing stock. JJ and Jeff compared to Kato and Ken? nuff said. Speaking of the PCE/TG16, is it just me, or did it set a record for games featuring sprites of bowel movements? Might have been the shoot em up system, but even the shoot em ups were not spared. Need I mention TOILET KIDS? OK, done talking to myself, going to try to get another round in before my cat wakes up and realizes its time for me to eat something, as she gets a treat when I am in the kitchen cooking. Spoiled little furball

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I don't think anyone ever considered the TG-16 to be a laughingstock. Plenty of the North American releases are classics (Y's Books I & II, anyone?). NEC simply didn't put the marketing muscle behind the system, or at least as much as Sega and Nintendo put into their systems.

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The TG16 is a kick-ass gaming system. It's one of the few I actually purchased back then, as I couldn't afford to buy every single system out there. I even managed to scrape the cash together to buy the extravagant (at the time) CD-ROM attachment, to the tune of $400 from Toys 'R' Us. But damn, it was worth it! Ys I and II were fantastic, and I need to go back and play them sometime. I have a TurboDuo now, so I need to go back and play them someday.


And Blazing Lazers also kicks ass. In fact, the TG16 has quite a few good games, as well as its share of stinkers. Very unique system, and I've never even sampled the huge number of imports available for it.



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