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I'd like to talk about how I got into driving. I'll take you all back to the fall of 2000. When I was practicing for my driver's license, I used my dad's beat up '88 Reliant K wagon for practice. That poor car. While I didn't get in any accidents, I did back it up on a curb, further incensing my father. He got frustrated enough and so I gave him some of the money I saved and he gave me some of his and I bought my first car ever, a 1985 VW Golf. It was tan/gold and an automatic. It had the little crank sunroof and the only doors that worked on it were the front doors. I loved that car dearly. I used it as a make out mobile with my ex g/f and took the car for speed runs on the interstate(well I was only 19 at the time) and stuff like that. I crashed the damn thing on the 4th of July of that year. I was really tired and nearly went off the road. As I swerved to get back on the road, the car spun and hit a road sign. At first I was like, "What the fuck just happened?" and I went out to inspect the damage. "Oh shit, dad's gonna kill me" was the first thought on my mind. He didn't kill me, as he just helped me get another front fender from a junkyard. I later put a killer stereo in the car, fucked up the electricals and the car was trashed. It was sold to a neighbor who fixed it up until the day it died. Last time I knew, the car had been crushed at the junkyard. Sad. I miss that fucking car. The second car I got was a 1989 Subaru GL-10. My dad realized that the Golf was DOA and decided to go and buy me another car. This was back in May of 2002. He paid for it himself and seemed proud that he had done such a thing. When I first saw the car, I was like "what the hell is this?". However, the car soon grew on me and I grew to love the digital dashboard and air-suspension. Too bad the car did not stay in good shape for long. I accidentally backed it into a beer delivery truck, damaging the trunk area badly. My uncle worked with my father and they managed to pull out the damage that was done. However, the car would never be the same again. Not too long after, in July of 2002, the transmisson went on the car. It was embarassing as I was stranded on the interstate for a while. My dad again helped me get the car running and it ran ok until like January of 2004. I don't want to go into too many details about that time frame, except that I was laid off that same month and the car broke down a few days after I was laid off. Bad timing. I really liked the Subaru. I still miss it sometimes. I shouldn't have blamed the problems with it on my dad as he cared enough to buy it for me. I just didn't appreciate it back then. What I fail to realize sometimes is that I have the bed dad in the world. If there is a hero in my life, it is him. Anyway, I went 3 months without a car from Jan 2004 to April 2004. In April 2004, I took most of my tax returns and my dad loaned me some cash and I bought the car I currently drive, a 1994 Dodge Spirit. This car in my opinion, has to be probably the most reliable car I've owned since the Golf. It's currently having problems at the moment, but I am going to get it looked at tomorrow. Other than that, couldn't complain more.The moral of this story is I guess, take care of your frickin car! Also, don't complain if your family members pitch in to help. They care about you. Besides, I still gotta pay off my dad for the money he loaned on this car. :D

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