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20 Applications I really like

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20 ST/STE applications I really think that anyone should have. Target machine, 4 MB ST with hard disk.



Atari Works: A complete office suite with a word processor, database and spreadsheet.

3d Calc: Superb spreadsheet, 3dimensional


Text Editors:

QED: Wonderful text editor with syntax highlighting.


Media players:

SND player: sound player for the SNDH format.

Player 1.0: Mod file player

PlaySid: Sid player

Mplayer 3.11: Video player for Atari


Utilities and tools:

Hypview 0.40: Hypertext viewer.

Procalc: Freeware scientific calculator by Atari. Lots of functions. Can work as an app or desk accessory

JayMSA: Disk image utility



CAB: Web browser for any ST with TOS.

Highwire: The best web browser for the Atari. Needs a multitasking OS.

Litchi 1.0c: FTP client

Troll: Newsgroups client

aMail: e-mail client

AtarIRC: IRC client

AtarICQ: ICQ client


Graphics and Image

Pixel painters from the DHS site: I am not an artist to suggest you one. But if you have an artistic side we'd be more than happy to hear from you ;)

Smurf: Image editor

GemView: Image viewer.


And I forget so many more... This post was a hard one. There are way too many applications to choose from. I' d appreciate any additions you'd like to make to this list, disagreements and everything else.

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