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Google Video

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It will be interesting to see how Video Google plays out. Already it looks like a decent way for video artist and budding filmmakers to distribute demo reals. (Assuming you can load the keywords so someone can find it.) But, already I see some problems:1. What's the point of capturing TV feeds if they aren't available for viewing? Heck, all they are really doing is capturing & indexing the closed captions. (Which is probably in violation of some copyrights.) Plus, they are making it damn difficult to find stuff which is playable. Maybe a search option for playable and/or free?2. Although I do appreciate that they are screening uploads for adult content & copyright violations, they aren't paying much attention to background music. (Some annonymous grunge speed-metal, I can understand, but "Paint It Black"?) This might come back to bite them.3. It would be really nice if the player had a "pause" button and some way to skip ahead.4. I wonder how Google plans to make the viewer open source and manage to keep any future payment schemes secure?

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Wow... that's cool. I' must be under a rock as of late because I didn't notice that!


Thanks for the heads up! I'm going to look into it further once I get home!

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