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KotOR funk

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A month or so ago I bought KotOR (on sale for C$10). I'd borrowed and finished it over a year ago, but I figured enough time had passed that I would enjoy it again. This time I also decided to try it as a (mostly) solo DS character (female level 5 soldier level 10+ guardian w/ high wisdom). Unfortunately, I'm now at Manaan (having completed Tatooine and Kashyyyk) and my alignment is swinging dangerously back to neutral. I just can't make the choices (particularly party conversations) required to get those DS points. Wiping out sand people & bounty hunters, no problem. Sure I can tell Carth he's a jerk (especially with those lame pick up lines), but not much more.Combat is also getting a little dull. Sure I could crank up the difficulty level from normal to freakin' hard, but that will just increase the odds of me dying. About the only character I had a problem with was the Sith Governor on Taris, and that was 'cause I had stopped at level 5 and he kept stunning me. T3-M4's flamethrower put the odds in my favor. (Oh, Twitch beat me too; again my level was too low.) Calo wasn't bad after I picked off his henchmen, and Darth Bandon wasn't any problem at all.So I'm faced with some choices:1. Continue on, but be as bad as possible. Use the FAQs and walkthroughs to squeeze every DS point out of the remaining story.2. Start over and concentrate on the LS story, since that's my personal preference anyway, though still solo.3. Start over but set up the character to unlock HK-47. Have to go party, no way to solo with a scoundrel. Again try the DS, but this time sass the party at every opportunity.4. Neutral? Is that even an option?Of course, KotOR takes up time. And I'm sure my wife would rather I not play at all....

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Started a new game as a DS Scoundrel, but kept getting my butt kicked. Then discovered I needed a Scout/Sentiel with high INT to have any chance of building up the 17 repair skill required to completely unlock HK-47. Uhh, no.


So, now I've started over (again...) with a Male LS Soldier (now level 5). I've started with STR=16, WIS=16, INT=8, 12 for the rest. Not a lot of of VPs which hurts in many on one battles, but a good starting point.

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I've also now started a female DS Scout/Counselor with the express purpose of:

1. Unlocking HK-47

2. Doing the DS thing at every turn, to see those branch choice results

3. Seducing Carth


I'm right now playing her solo, but I pull in the rest of the party when I want. (e.g. to bump off Selven).


I'm going to try to play both the LS and DS in parallel; I'll see how long that lasts.

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